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Activewear Photography, NYC

Last week I had the pleasure of shooting model Sean Biloski, Wilhelmina New York for an activewear campaign that will be featured in Costco internationally.

During the shoot I had fashion stylist Nyree square up against Sean, taking a promotional shot for their upcoming UFC, no holds barred, world championship bout!

I have my money on Nyree.  She may give up a considerable advantage on height and weight, but she is quite fast, has a great eye, and very skilled with pins and binder clips!

We had a lot of fun shooting lifestyle images in my studio!


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Fall Fashion Campaign – Behind the Scenes

Yesterday had an amazing time shooting for client Lee Anderson Couture.  Lee is an amazing designer who sells solely out of her Lexington Avenue, NYC store.  She has a loyal clientele who appreciate her beautiful, unique designs, luxurious fabric, custom fit, and high end tailoring.

Typically we shoot in my Manhattan studio.  This season we mixed it up by driving out to her West Hampton home and shooting inside the house and outside on her property.

Our model was the stunning Hartje Andresen of Trump Model Management. Vanessa Weiss did hair and makeup.

Can’t wait to share the images from the shoot.  In the meantime here are some behind the scenes.  Loved using the Fiat 500 by Gucci as a prop!

Behind the scenes makeup and hair Fashion photo shoot NYC location advertising photo shoot btw of assistant location of a photo shoot in New York Fashion client and assistant Assistant fashion designer setting up shot on location Fiat 500 by Gucci used as prop for fashion shoot

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Love your makeup artist!

End of day behind the scenes photos of my models Michaela V and Oscar Correcher from model agency Red NYC giving our makeup artist Derek Medina some love!  Love working and shooting on the weekend.  Everyday is Saturday!

Don’t I have an adorable team!

M2781_rwh-140937 insta-W3316_sbl-140831

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First photo shoot with my new hip!

In younger days I was quite passionate training in wrestling and karate.  Part of the regime was running.  I loved to ski as well. Almost 20 years ago I felt some stiffness in my hip. Thinking it was stubborn tendonitis I went to a doctor to have it checked out.  Unfortunately the diagnosis was early onset of arthritis, which I have been living with since.  I traded in the dojo for a swimming pool and the running shoes for a bicycle.  For the past 3 years pilates has kept me in good shape.  After a visit to my doctor in June, we decided it was time for a change, and scheduled replacement surgery for December 11, 2014.  My work schedule slows down around the holidays.  I let my clients know I would be out for 5 weeks and tried to schedule shoots the best I could.  I lost a couple of jobs, but not too bad.  I was dreading surgery up until I was sitting in the operating room, hooked up to an IV, and the anesthesia knocked me out.  When I woke up in recovery I was very happy I had it done and looked forward to recuperating and a better quality of life.

It has been 5-1/2 weeks since surgery.  I have been doing physical therapy every day trying my best to get back to work.  Yesterday was my first shoot.  I was nervous that I would start feeling sore and the joint would fatigue.  I felt great!  It was nice to get back into the studio.  The job was demanding and I felt no pain or tightness.  I am looking forward to full recovery and of course more work!

If you need a new hip, Dr. Roy Davidovitch is your man (NYU Hospital for Joint Disease).  If you want to see an animated video of the procedure, check out this link.  Pretty crazy.

Here is some behind the scenes from yesterday’s shoot for Alice and Trixie.  Robin Buss of Muse NYC was our gorgeous model.  The last photo of me on the ladder was taken by my assistant at the end of the day!

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Beauty Editorial

Here are some behind the scenes photos from a beauty editorial I shot Sunday for Fashion Reverie Magazine.

The theme was a nail slumber party.  The editor was looking to shoot in a hotel room.  Thinking that the location would not look authentic enough, I offered my guest bedroom.  Shooting in my house is always a mixed bag… I like not having to travel to a location but having your home turned upside down for a day can be a drag.  Thankfully the shoot was low impact, the team was great, and we are all very excited about the images we created.  Love to Tiri (Q Models), Violetta (Q Models) and Madison Massey (Major Model Management) as well as T.Cooper – hair and makeup, and  Angi Wingle  of CND (nails).

Here are some behind the scenes photos.  Can’t wait to share the images we created!

insta_MG_1907 insta_MG_1919 insta_MG_1949 Insta_MG_1938insta_MG_1928

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Behind the scene photos from a beauty test shoot

A beauty test shoot is just what it sounds like. Get together a crew and make some photos. There is no client; you don’t get paid (actually, it costs money). It is a great opportunity to work with new people, try out new ideas, and create fresh work for your portfolio. That is exactly what we did yesterday.

Hairstylist Seiji Uehara and I have been in touch for years. We have been talking about working together but with busy schedules it never happened… until yesterday. Originally we were going to shoot with a mutual friend and makeup artist Susan Donoghue but Susan got booked on a job last minute that she had to take. Luckily the talented Tatyana Kharkova was available and could come to my studio to play.
Also my first time working with manicurist Ayumu Takasawa

After contacting model agencies and seeing what girls were available to test with, we decided on Lucie Pustova (Next) and Delaney Sproles (Major) and planned on shooting two looks with each model.

The team gelled, the girls were great, and everyone is excited about the results! I will share them after we select images and finish retouching them. Until then, here are some behind the scenes photos!

Delaney Sproles, Major Model Management, photography, beauty, fashion, hair, makeup, nails, manicure

Delaney Sproles (Major Model Management) gets glommed up!

Lucie Pustova, hair, makeup, lipstick, beauty, fashion, model, New York, NYC, Manhattan

Lucie Pustova gets the perfect lip!

Lipstick, model, Next Model Management, fashion, NYC, New York,

Lucie shows off her lovely lips while Tatyana admires her work!

Delaney Sproles, fashion model, major model management, photographer, beauty,

Delaney flashes a gang sign with deadly nails!

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Behind the Scenes Fashion and Beauty Using Film

During my fashion and beauty shoots I have a good amount of downtime. It never ceases to amaze me how much time it takes to make beautiful women beautiful… talking about hair and makeup. For most shoots I allocate one to two hours for my team to prep the model for set… sometimes more, depending on how complicated the look is. This leaves me time to have some fun.

I have been documenting the process of prepping the models using my Holga (a plastic toy medium format film camera) and my newest camera body, a Toyo Robos (large format 4×5″ sheet film view camera).

The Holga is a blast to shoot with. You don’t know what you are going to get, focus, exposure, light leaks, etc, but that random effect is what makes the images beautiful!

With the Toyo 4X5 view camera, the process of shooting is slowed down. The camera is on a large tripod or camera stand. It takes a while to frame and focus using a loupe through the ground glass with a dark cloth over your head. Once you are satisfied with composition and focus, you then load a film back into place, obscuring the ground glass viewfinder so you no longer can see what is in your frame. You wait till you feel you have your moment and press down on the cable release to fire the shutter. The process is counter-intuitive to typical behind the scene photos, typically taken with a dslr or an i-phone.

toyo, robos, 4x5, film, view camera, New York, NYC, Eric Hason, fashion photography,

Toyo Robos 4X5

Here are some images I have captured using both cameras, along with one taken using my Canon 5D Mk III.

beauty photography, fashion photography, behind the scenes, toyo, 4x5, film, photography,

Eric Hason, Fashion, beauty, Roshar, APM Model, model, editorial,

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Eric Hason, fashion photographer, prepping model, behind the scenes

Eric Hason, photographer, fashion, beauty, hair, makeup

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Behind the scenes- Miss USA Erin Brady for Aventura Magazine

I had the opportunity to photograph Miss USA Erin Brady for Aventura Magazine’s June Bridal issue.

Erin was incredible to work with; down to earth, beautiful, fun and game. Fashion stylist Angellika Morton pulled beautiful gowns for the shoot, with wonderful jewelry,accessories and floral arrangements. Makeup, hair, and nails was the talented team of Aeriel Payne, Ayato Yokojima and Noako Saita.

We had a fun day, shot eight looks, and Erin was out by 5:45 to be whisked away to a charity black tie event.

Here are some behind the scenes photos from the day. Can’t wait for the magazine to publish so I can share the final photos!

hair, makeup, nails, photo shoot, bridal fashion, photography,

Erin getting glammed up by Naoko (nails) and Ayato (hair). Aeriel in the background prepping for makeup.

hair, makeup, nails, photo shoot, bridal fashion, photography,

Erin having her hair styled by Ayato while I photo bomb for a selfie.

hair, makeup, nails, photo shoot, bridal fashion, photography,

Makeup artist Aeriel Payne gets happy!

hair, makeup, nails, photo shoot, bridal fashion, photography,

Makeup artist Aeriel Payne applying eye shadow by the natural light of a window.

hair, makeup, nails, photo shoot, bridal fashion, photography,

Ayato on set puts the finishing touches on Erin’s hair.

hair, makeup, nails, photo shoot, bridal fashion, photography,

Showing off the bridal gowns!

hair, makeup, nails, photo shoot, bridal fashion, photography,

Stylist Angellika Morton and I mug for the camera.

hair, makeup, nails, photo shoot, bridal fashion, photography,

Gotta take a selfie with Miss USA!

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Beauty photography, behind the scenes

I spent a beautiful NYC spring day in my studio with the talented makeup artist and hair stylist Tom Venditelli of Agency Gerard and manicurist Naoko Saita

Creating Beauty Images For Our Portfolios.

Natural makeup, natural hair, clean manicure and soft lighting along with Brazilian beauty Kelie Santos (DNA) and the equally lovely Jandra D (Next).

It was a fun, easy day, low pressure, hair flying in the wind, making beautiful photos and listening to great music.

My favorite track of the day was Vavava Voom by 70’s glam rocker Brett Smiley.

Here are some behind the scenes photos to whet my appetite to share the final images!  Kelie is being primped by Tom on set.  Jandra is doing her “Cousin It” imitation making sure her hair is voluminous and loose.





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Bridal Fashion – Photography Behind the Scenes

I was hired by Jovani to photograph their new bridal fashion collection.

I brought on the ultra creative, hardest working man in fashion, Cliff Hoppus to style the shoot. With limited time Cliff was able to pull together flowers, veils and other accessories to make for a very successful shoot. The location is the Metropolitan Building in Long Island City, NY. It is a fabulous location, beautifully appointed, with lots of shabby chic furniture, peeling paint, rich tones making a great environment to shoot in.

Here are some fun behind the scenes photos of Cliff and my assistant Bin modeling for lighting tests. I will post some of the final images with the real model, Morgan Chelf (IMG) next location NYC New York Manhattan Brooklyn Queens assistant hair makeup stylist catalog advertising campaign beauty bridal

location model photography fashion beauty hair makeup stylist advertising catalog lookbook

fashion beauty bridal hair makeup styling stylist beauty photography photographer Eric Hason New York NYC Manhattan Brooklyn

behind-the-scenes bridal fashion photography Eric Hason photographer NYC Manhattan Brooklyn NY advertising lookbook catalog showroom hair makeup beauty