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Behind the scene photos from a beauty test shoot

A beauty test shoot is just what it sounds like. Get together a crew and make some photos. There is no client; you don’t get paid (actually, it costs money). It is a great opportunity to work with new people, try out new ideas, and create fresh work for your portfolio. That is exactly what we did yesterday.

Hairstylist Seiji Uehara and I have been in touch for years. We have been talking about working together but with busy schedules it never happened… until yesterday. Originally we were going to shoot with a mutual friend and makeup artist Susan Donoghue but Susan got booked on a job last minute that she had to take. Luckily the talented Tatyana Kharkova was available and could come to my studio to play.
Also my first time working with manicurist Ayumu Takasawa

After contacting model agencies and seeing what girls were available to test with, we decided on Lucie Pustova (Next) and Delaney Sproles (Major) and planned on shooting two looks with each model.

The team gelled, the girls were great, and everyone is excited about the results! I will share them after we select images and finish retouching them. Until then, here are some behind the scenes photos!

Delaney Sproles, Major Model Management, photography, beauty, fashion, hair, makeup, nails, manicure

Delaney Sproles (Major Model Management) gets glommed up!

Lucie Pustova, hair, makeup, lipstick, beauty, fashion, model, New York, NYC, Manhattan

Lucie Pustova gets the perfect lip!

Lipstick, model, Next Model Management, fashion, NYC, New York,

Lucie shows off her lovely lips while Tatyana admires her work!

Delaney Sproles, fashion model, major model management, photographer, beauty,

Delaney flashes a gang sign with deadly nails!


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