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Photography on a white background, Stephen Colbert rips on Amazon’s approved patent.

Is all publicity good publicity?

Amazon recently received a patent for photography on a white background. I hope Jeff Bezos gave lots of stock options to the genius employees who came up with this idea: Jeremy David Sawatzky, Christina L. Porter, Jeff Strauss and Gil Blank.

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Amazon’s patent diagram on photographing a subject against a white background

Here is the video where Colbert gives Amazon a second…

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Fashion advertising shoot, behind the scenes photographs

Fashion Campaign

Last week I photographed and advertising campaign for my client Shani Grosz in my Manhattan studio. It was a long day shooting against two set ups, white seamless paper and a painted backdrop with fog turning my studio into a haunted forest. The stunning model, Julia Anisimova from Q Model Management killed it. She had great energy from entering the studio at 7am till the last frame was shot ten hours later. Wendi Miyake provided flawless hair and makeup and was on point though out the shoot.

Here are some behind the scenes photos.

Client photographs model Julia for social media

This photo shows a bit of the lighting setup and the hanging backdrop.
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Fashion Model Julia Anisimova on set.

This is just a test frame. All out of camera. Not the final select, no retouching at all!
model fashion advertising campaign lighting hair makeup

Photo assistant

Have to include the first frame of the day. Meet my assistant Ed Estrada. My righthand man and guardian angel!
photo assistant test shot fashion photography photographer
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