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Hair stylist training

Twice a year I am hired by Mingle Salon and Milbon USA to photograph the work of Japanese hair stylists that are being trained at Milbon USA headquarters. My friend and expert stylist Michio Shiramizu of Mingle Salon leads the training session. Hiro Yonemoto provides the makeup for the models.

The day before the shoot we hold a casting so the stylists can select their models from approximately 50 or so girls that come from six different model agencies. We always get a strong turnout and wonderful girls to choose from.

The stylists create two looks each on their model. I photograph the looks both in studio and out on the streets of Soho. It is a blast taking the team onto the crowded streets and entertaining the shoppers and tourists with a glimpse of a fashion shoot while annoying the residents by congesting their sidewalks. Hey, we have a permit, so all is fair.

Here are some behind the scenes photos from the casting and shoot. I will post pictures soon!

casting, model casting, NYC, Soho, New York, fashion photography

model casting Milbon USA, New York, Manhattan, beauty photography

makeup, hair, fashion, New York, Soho, photography, fashion photography

model life, hair, makeup, fashion photography, NYC, soho, Mingle Salon, Milbon USA

Behind the scenes, photography, photo shoot, NYC, hair, Milbon USA

Hiroshi Yonemoto, fashion, photography, hair, makeup, photo shoot, Milbon, NYC

Michio Shiramizu, hair, Mingle Salon, New York, Manhattan, photography, hair

APM Models, Paige, hair, makeup, NYC, Soho, MIngle Salon,

model, model life, NYC, Manhattan, New York, Milbon USA,

hair, model, fashion, beauty, NYC, Soho


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